5 tips to help curb your shopping desires

5 tips to help curb your shopping desires

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Let’s face it. Sometimes it's hard not to shop.

If you have 11/10 self-restraint and are a perfect conscious consumer, skip to the next blog 😉

For the rest of you still here... do you ever feel like despite your best efforts to be a conscious consumer, there are certain situations that just throw you off course?

For example, an event coming up (that absolutely requires a new outfit), or a time in your life where you just feel like that thing in your cart will make you feel sooo much happier.

The reality is that consumerism is addicting. In fact, it’s designed to be that way.

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday there are always reasons to shop - but it’s time for us to take responsibility for the effect that our constant shopping desires have on the planet (and on us, and our wallets!).

Here are our top five tips to help curb your desire to shop (all without purchasing anything new):

Tip #1 Shop what you already own

We often forget what we already own so this tip is nice and simple. Simply take the time to check out all of your items so you can see everything that you have.

This exercise can be completed with lots of different items: clothing, shoes, accessories, kitchen supplies, tools...almost anything.

Pro tip: Organise by helpful attributes such as how often you use them, seasons, colour etc.

Now, you can see everything you have, and you might even find a new use for something you already own (but forgot about!).

This brings us nicely to tip #2.

Tip #2 Revamp something you already own

Now that you have ‘shopped what you already own’, it’s time to think about what you could turn them into instead.

Whether it's furniture, clothing, much-loved linens or towels, with a little bit of creativity you can find them a new use.

For wooden furniture, for example, there are some quick and easy things you can do to change it up. Try a new stain, new paint, new hardware, or all three! Wooden furniture is a great investment and can be DIY’d over and over to match your style.

Clothing can be flipped and turned into something new — by either turning some old jeans into shorts or adding a bit of stain to change up a colour.

Last but not least is a practical revamp suggestion. After all, sometimes a revamp isn’t always pretty, but gets the job done. When you think you’re done with your much-loved linens or towels, think again. Cut them up into small squares and use them for dusting and cleaning up around the house and garden.

5 tips to help curb your shopping desires

Tip #3 Create a Pinterest or inspo board

Feeling like the décor in your home is stale, or you’re fed up and not enjoying any of the clothes that you already own? We’ve all been here.

For these types of situations where we are wanting to buy new items… even though what we already own is in good shape and have more life left in them, we suggest creating an inspiration board or Pinterest board. This way you can browse everything, curate them and put them all in one place.

You’ll get the satisfaction of the finished product or outfit, without having to make a single purchase.

BONUS: Now you know exactly what you want in the future when it comes time to replace something you already own, regardless of whether that involves revamping, buying something second hand or new. 

Tip #4 Window shopping

If these tips aren’t cutting it and you need a taste for the stores, try a spot of window shopping.

Picture this as we approach the holidays — you invite a friend to go grab a coffee or tea (in your reusable mug, of course) and you visit your favourite home decoration stores to check out what’s new. This way you get to see everything that is new, and if you’re a big fan of Christmas decorations like I am, enjoy the ornate details and variety – without having to buy anything. This will help you appreciate everything in the store without having to purchase and bring them home.

After all, your loved, traditional seasonal décor is always the best — and they’re filled with happy memories of holidays that have passed 💚

Tip #5 Borrow or organise a clothing swap

Tired of everything you have in your wardrobe? Ask your friends and family if they want to have a clothing swap.

Queue a ✨ movie try-on montage ✨

Often the things that you are tired of wearing will be a brand-new style and something new to wear for someone else. This way you don’t have to spend any money and you can explore a new style while still freshening up your wardrobe.  

5 tips to help curb your shopping desires


So the next time you go shopping, remember to shop consciously and buy only what you need. If you are feeling the urge to purchase something new and it doesn’t tick all the boxes (long-lasting, good quality, align with your morals, etc) try your best to fulfill that desire to shop with one of our tips 😊