Best sustainable gift ideas for 2023

Best sustainable gift ideas for 2023

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Holiday gift guide

Get ready for a heartwarming holiday season with gifts you can feel good about. Our Ethique gifts not only brings joy to your loved ones, but also helps to make a positive impact all year round. 

Once you have made your list and checked it twice, head over to our shoppable holiday gift guide.

    Stocking stuffers 


    Available across our hair, face and body range, our minis are the perfect way to introduce someone to your go-to Ethique products. Each mini lasts up to 20 uses 💚 

    Lip balms 

    Lip balms dedicated to doing good for the planet, for people and of course, for your lips. 94% of testers agreed that lips look supple and healthy-looking when using our lip balms. 


    Have a makeup lover in your life? Ethique lipsticks are available in seven luxurious shades and nourish lips.  


    For Mum(s) 

    Bliss Bar face cleanser 

    Treat Mom(s) to the Bliss Bar gentle solid face cleanser for a gentle and luxurious skincare experience that pampers skin while promoting relaxation. 

    The Perfector face cream 

    Elevate Mom(s)'s skincare routine with The Perfector hydrating solid face cream, a creamy, deeply nourishing face cream that's perfect for balanced to dry skin, providing the ultimate hydration and protection.  


    For Dad(s) 

    Pumice, Tea Tree and Spearmint scrub bar 

    Help Dad(s) refresh and revitalize with the Exfoliating Pumice, Tea Tree & Spearmint soap bar. Perfect for an energizing shower and gentle exfoliation. 

    Tip-to-Toe shampoo & shaving bar 

    Enhance Dad(s)'s grooming experience with the ultimate plastic-free multitasker, Tip-to-Toe 2-in-1 solid shampoo & shaving bar. This bar offers a close shave with its soft rich later and refreshes hair. 


    For Him 

    Zesty lime & ginger soap bar 

    Treat him to the Zesty Lime & Ginger soap bar featuring  lime and ginger essential oils for a refreshing, citrusy experience. It's perfect for both hands and body, making it an easy, sustainable choice. 

    Fresh Bodycare Discovery Pack 

    Help him find his perfect grooming matches with our Fresh Bodycare Trio Discovery Pack. It contains three refreshing minis from our body care range, including a soap-free body cleanser, an exfoliating body polish, and an aluminum-free deodorant, all designed for fresh, clean skin without the plastic waste. 


    For Her 

    Lavender & Vanilla body cream stick 

    Indulge her with the luxurious delight of our Nourishing Lavender & Vanilla body cream stick, scented with calming lavender and delicious vanilla, enriched with cocoa butter and glycerine for long-lasting hydration. 

    Lip balms 

    Nourish her lips with Juicy, a pink grapefruit and vanilla-scented lip balm that nourishes, leaving them soft and supple, and comes in eco-friendly, home-compostable packaging. 


    For Your Best Friend 

    Gingersnap face scrub 

    Give your best friend the gift of radiant skin with Gingersnap Gentle Solid Face Scrub, a bar that gently exfoliates with ginger and cinnamon, leaving their skin super-soft and glowing. 

    Lavender & Peppermint soap bar 

    Treat your best friend to the Refreshing Lavender & Peppermint Sopa Bar , scented with lavender and peppermint, for a rejuvenating experience suitable for all skin types. 


    For Secret Santa 

    Discovery Packs

    Discover the perfect plastic-free gift for your Secret Santa with our Discovery Packs, offering a variety of Ethique products to help them find their ideal eco-friendly match and wonderful for travelling.


    For furry friends 

    For all good dogs on the nice list 

    Bow Wow is our nourishing solid shampoo bar that helps clean and refresh fur.  

    For all good dogs that need something gentler 

    Shampooch is our unscented solid shampoo bar that helps gently cleans and softens fur.   

    For all good dogs that want some extra shine 

    Pawfector is our softening solid conditioner bar that does an incredible job to leave dog fur super soft and snuggly. 

    For people who have it all 

    Opt for a thoughtful homemade holiday card or maybe pop on your apron and bake up some festive goodies instead. For more low-impact ideas check out our low-impact gift guide.

    Last minute gift 

    Gift cards 

    Our virtual gift cards are the perfect way to gift someone exactly what they would like without any additional waste, plus there is no shipping time ;) 

    For Ethique fans 

    Storage trays 

    Do all of their bars have a forever home? Our storage trays are not only stylish and help you tell your bars apart, they help bars last longer too.  

    Lip balms 

    Lip balms dedicated to doing good; for the planet, for the people and of course, for your lips. 94% of testers agreed that lips look supple and healthy-looking when using our lip balms. 

    Gift cards 

    Our virtual gift cards are the perfect way to gift someone exactly what they would like without any additional waste.

    For Ethique newbies 

    Discovery Packs 

    The best place to start with our plastic-free range? Our Discovery Packs which are designed to help anyone find their best matches.  

    Fresh Body Care Trio Discovery Pack 

    Three refreshing body care minis to pamper your skin without the plastic waste.  

    Luxurious Face Cleansing Trio Discovery Pack 

    Three skincare minis to gently cleanse and moisturise skin. Our Luxurious Face Cleansing Trio Discovery Pack contains three pH-balanced, soap-free minis from our award-winning solid  skincare range to help anyone and everyone find their perfect match before committing to anything full-size. 

    Have them take our hair quiz! 

    Our new hair quiz will help them find their perfect haircare routine and they can send you their results or screenshot them! Take our quiz. 


    Have any questions or need a hand selecting the perfect gift for someone? Simply email our team of Miracle Workers at or drop our team a DM on social :)   


    Happy Holidays🎄 

    -Team Ethique