Deodorant bars

Truly effective, natural deodorant

Our aluminum-free, natural deodorants are crafted with bamboo powder, zinc oxide, and magnesium hydroxide to absorb unwanted moisture and help to fight bad odors.

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What is a solid deodorant bar?


Solid deodorants help reduce the feeling of sweat and keep your underarms fresh all day long. Ethique’s plastic free deodorants are conveniently packaged in a simple home-compostable push-up tube.


What does a solid deodorant bar do?

Ethique’s solid deodorant bars absorb moisture and neutralize odors to keeps underarms smelling and feeling fresh. Our natural deodorant bar is packed full of naturally-derived, scientifically-proved ingredients that really work without irritating baking soda or aluminum.


How to use a solid deodorant bar?

Our easy to use, plastic-free tubes make applying your solid deodorant bar super easy. Simply push up product from the base of the tube – a little goes a long way. Gently press onto your underarms allowing it to warm for a few seconds. Then apply evenly to underarms and reapply throughout the day as needed.


Are Ethique deodorants handy for travelling?

Yes! Now you can bring your bodycare with you! Packing your solid deodorant bar has never been easier in an easy-to-use plastic-free tube.