Shampoo and conditioner bars and so much more

Good for your hair and good for the planet!

Check out Ethique’s natural hair products, specifically designed to suit every hair type, texture, and need. Made with scientifically-proven, sustainably sourced ingredients and packaged in plastic-free, home-compostable boxes, you’ll love how great your hair looks and how simple it is to make a positive impact.

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What is a solid shampoo and conditioner bar?

Hair care bars are just like liquid haircare but concentrated and packed into a bar without the plastic bottles. Ethique has eco-friendly bars for all hair types, from brightening blonde salon-coloured hair to refreshing an oily scalp - we’ll help you reach your hair goals with the perfect hair bars for your haircare routine. Find your best bar shampoo and conditioner match with our hair quiz. 


What does a shampoo and conditioner bar do?

Ethique plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars leave your hair feeling refreshed, smooth, and shiny without the plastic waste. Our vegan, cruelty free haircare bars are made with the “melting cast” process that allows us to use the most nourishing, effective ingredients like coconut oil found in our lavender shampoo bar. Our formula is packed full of naturally-derived, scientifically-proven ingredients that really work! 


How to use solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars?

Ready for easy-to-use haircare bars? Wet your hair and the bar. Massage the bar into your roots throughout your scalp. Put the bar down and lather shampoo into hair. Rinse and follow with hair conditioner bar. After shampooing, swipe the conditioner bar 4-5 times down the length of your hair. Put the bar down and massage the product into your locks. Leave in for 1-2 minutes for everyday hydration or leave in for 10 minutes for a deep treatment. The silky magic happens when the conditioner is rinsed out!  


Are Ethique bars travel-friendly?

Yes! Now you can bring your haircare with you! Packing your haircare has never been easier – no liquids means no mess, our eco-friendly shampoo bars are small and compact, and we have bars for all hair concerns and goals. Try travelling with one of our gift sets, just grab and go! 


Do you have bars for curly hair?

Our curl-defining shampoo and conditioner set are perfect for all curly types; curly, coily and wavy. Both are formulated in line with curly girl principles, no sulfates, silicones, waxes or drying alcohols, AKA no bad stuff. Professor Curl, curl-defining shampoo hero ingredients are sodium cocoyl isethionate, shea butter and cocoa butter to promote soft, defined curls. Finish your routine with Curliosity  Curl-defining Conditioner to moisturize curls without weighing them down. 


Are Ethique bars completely free from plastic?

Gone are the days of relying on plastic containers or reaching for a plastic bottles every time you need a new hair care product! Just one bar replaces the need for three bottles of liquid shampoo, and Ethique conditioner bars match the value of five bottles of liquid conditioner. Together, we've prevented over 33 million plastic bottles from being manufactured or ending up in landfills. Make the switch to Ethique today and contribute to saving countless plastic bottles every year! 


Are Ethique bars convenient for travel?

Absolutely! Now you can take your haircare wherever you go hassle-free! Packing your haircare essentials has never been simpler – with no liquids to worry about, there's no mess. Our eco-friendly shampoo bars are compact and easy to carry, ensuring convenience on the go.