Should you be double cleansing your skin?

Should you be double cleansing your skin?

Is your skin struggling right now? Double cleansing could help!

Double cleansing is a fantastic option if you wear makeup, sunscreen (that should be everyone!), exercise or simply sweat a lot, have oily or combination skin, or just want a little bit of extra pampering in your skincare routine.

What is double cleansing?

Exactly that - cleansing your face twice!

Step 1: Typically the first cleanse is with an oil based cleanser which dissolves makeup (which is typically oil or silicone based).
Step 2: The second cleanse is then done with a foaming, gel or milky cleanser which helps to remove anything you may have missed in the first cleanse.

Most people find that the best time of the day to double cleanse is at night when they are not in a rush and need to remove the makeup or sunscreen put on during the day.

How does double cleansing benefit your skin?

Whether you have dry, dehydrated, oily, balanced, or combination skin, double cleansing has great benefits for all skin types as it deeply cleanses your face of makeup, SPF, sebum, and dirt from the day leaving a fresh canvas ready to take on the all-important skincare aspect of your routine.

Not sure what skin type you have? Figuring out what skin type you have is nice and easy.

Is double cleansing necessary for everyone?

Nope! But it is helpful if you wear a lot of makeup, or if you do have particularly oily skin, as an oil cleanser is typically gentle while still helping to thoroughly remove excess oil.

Complete your double cleansing routine

Complete your double cleansing routine with the best solid face cleanser for you and finish up with one of our solid face moisturisers or serum.
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