Cardboard Deodorant Tube: Ethique's Eco-Friendly Packaging

Cardboard Deodorant Tube: Ethique's Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Back in 2021, we made the decision to transition away from solid blocks to tubes. Ever since, our face moisturisers and serumsdeodorants and butter blocks have come in home-compostable tube packaging for on-the-go ease, smooth application and effortless storage.

Although most cardboard tubes look like they’re made of... cardboard, the reality is that many contain hidden plastics. Ours don’t.

So let’s dive in and learn more about what our tubes are actually made from and how you can dispose of them once you’ve finished caring for your skin.

What are our tubes made from? 

Our tubes are made from cardboard and a water-based lining. That’s it! No sneaky plastic liners here. 

How can you dispose of Ethique tubes once you’ve finished caring for your skin? 

Our tubes are home-compostable. When you are done with your box and tube, simply rip it up into tiny pieces and pop it into your compost bin. Or you can dig a hole in the garden and pop the pieces in there, or failing that, bury it in one of your houseplant pots. 

So, what are most cardboard tubes made from?

Most tubes contain a secret lining on most cardboard packaging - plastic. 
But why would a simple cardboard box need plastic? For some, it’s purely for aesthetics, like sprucing up a dull box up so it rocks a new shiny shelf-ready look to entice customers. For others, the layer of plastic is found on the inside.

Typically, the layer of plastic functions as a moisture barrier and helps with tear strength, durability and the ability to be heat sealed. And of course, sometimes it’s on both the inside and the outside of the packaging.  

This hidden plastic layer renders the cardboard box uncompostable. Worse, in some regions, it will even stop you from being able to recycle it. 

How to tell if your cardboard packaging is compostable?

Simply soak the cardboard packaging in some water overnight. If there is plastic hiding in there, the plastic layer will pull away from the cardboard. Squeeze the water out of the card and pop into the compost. 

Contact the retailer or manufacturer and ask what their packaging is made from and if there are any hidden plastics that they are aware of. What do they coat their board with? How is that paper lip balm tube not leaking product on hot days, is it plastic-lined or wax-lined?