Conditioner bars and solid conditioners

Nourish your hair and replenish the planet!

Our conditioner bars are crafted for different hair needs to deliver healthy-looking, soft strands. And after you’re done, you can even bury the empty box in your plant pot or home compost, where it will return nutrients to the soil as it breaks down!




Solid conditioner bars are akin to their liquid counterparts but in a concentrated bar form. Ethique offers plastic free conditioner bars tailored to various hair types and needs: whether you have curly hair, dry hair, damaged hair, or fine hair, we've got the perfect match for you. Our pH balanced conditioner bars are safe for color-treated hair, paraben-free, and even align with curly girl principles. Whether you're seeking a deeply moisturizing conditioner or  lightweight conditioner option, we've got you covered. Discover your ideal shampoo and conditioner duo with our hair quiz and elevate the look and feel of your hair. 

Ethique conditioner bars not only leave your hair feeling nourished but also smooth and shiny, all while minimizing plastic waste. Our Leaping Bunny certified, vegan conditioner bar undergoes a meticulous crafting process known as the “melting cast” method, enabling us to utilize the most nourishing and effective ingredients. Our conditioner bar is made with scientifically-proven natural ingredients like coconut oil (cocos nucifera) and cocoa seed butter (Theobroma cacao), our formula is tailored to your specific hair type and needs, promoting overall hair health.  

Ready for an easy to use conditioner that will leave your hair soft and shiny? Following shampooing, glide the conditioner bar 4-5 times along the length of your hair. Set the bar down and massage the product into your locks. For daily hydration, leave it in for 1-2 minutes, or opt for a 10-minute deep treatment. The real magic unfolds when you rinse out the conditioner! Additionally, all our conditioner bars can serve as a leave-in conditioner. Simply massage a bit more product into your ends post-wash and proceed to dry your hair as usual.  

No, there are no plastic bottles, micro-plastics, co-polymers or petrochemicals. One bar equals the volume of three bottles of liquid shampoo, while Ethique conditioner bars equate to five plastic bottles of liquid conditioner. Collectively, we've prevented over 33 million plastic bottles from being produced or ending up in landfills.  

Absolutely! Now you can take your hair care essentials wherever you go hassle-free! Packing your haircare has never been simpler – with no liquids to worry about, there's no mess, simply pop them in your beauty bar bag and be on your way. Our plastic-free conditioner bars are small and compact to make it easy to hydrate and nourish hair on-the-go. Explore one of our discovery packs, offering the perfect shampoo and conditioner set for your travels!