Eco-friendly gifts

Eco-friendly gifts

8 Top low-impact gift ideas 

The holiday season is coming up quickly, which means family time, presents, and unfortunately, a whole lot of waste.  

There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season sustainably than by gifting presents that are not only thoughtful and caring, but also environmentally conscious!  

 If you’re looking for foolproof gifting ideas that help reduce waste, you’re in the right place. Here are our 8 top low-impact holiday gifts that really unwrap the joys of eco-friendly giving! 


Gift #1: Cool and casual - Metal water bottles 

A classic and well-loved low-impact present is a metal water bottle! Not only are they stylish and practical, but they help limit plastic use. There’s a staggering number of single use plastic bottles discarded every day, so gifting metal bottles is a sustainable and reusable replacement (and it actually keeps your drink cold)! 

Gift #2: Made with love – Handknit scarf 

This is more than grandma’s go-to: hand making any sort of garment would make anyone feel appreciated and cared for!  

Not only is this gift idea super sustainable, but it also keeps its wearer warm and less likely to need to crank up the heat, which is not only better for the environment but also for your electricity bill! 


Gift #3: The gift that causes a buzz – Beeswax wraps 

Sustainable packaging that is also aesthetically pleasing? Sign me up! These wraps serve as a low impact swap for plastic wrap for food storage.  

These wraps are reusable, and you can pick from a large variety of colors and patterns, meaning you can personalize them depending on the person you’re gifting to! 


Gift #4: Show of a lifetime – An experience 

Whether it’s a concert, festival, or even a pottery class, gifting someone an experience is an amazing and unique way to show people you care.  

There are so many different experiences you can give your loved one, and we recommend getting electronic versions of tickets so there isn’t any paper waste! 


Gift #5: That’s my jam – Homemade preserves 

Pickles, jams, sauces – oh my! The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so get out those mason jars!  

Creating homemade preserves is an easy and delicious low-impact gift that combines a personal touch with sustainability. 


 Gift #6: Bar up – Beauty bars 

Give your friends and family sustainable beauty without compromising quality. You can give plastic-free, solid bars that can save space in your loved one’s bathroom (and give them great hair while they’re at it)! 

Just one of Ethique’s shampoo bars replaces three full bottles of shampoo while staying plastic free, making it a great low impact present! 


Gift #7: Get thrifty – Thrifted clothes or items 

You can find so many great low impact gifts at antique shops and thrift stores that friends and family would love. Whether it’s a new golf cap for dad or a vintage designer dress for your BFF, thrifting is a great low impact way to find sustainable gifts! 


Gift #8: For a good cause – Charitable donation 

Some of the best gifts aren’t items, they’re actions! Donate in your loved one’s name to a charity or organization that you know they care about. 

Not only is this gift low-impact, but it’s also a way to do good for others on a bigger scale. 


We wish you a happy holiday season and hope that everyone enjoys your low impact presents! 

Warm wishes,

Team Ethique