Team Ethique's haircare routines

Team Ethique's haircare routines

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Ever wondered what products the Ethique Team uses in their haircare routine? Get ready for an insider’s look at our diverse hair types, favorite products and pro tips! 


Hayley our Creative Manager 

Hair concerns: Very oily roots and dry, damaged, bleached ends 

Hair goals: Reduce oil on roots and nourish ends 


Hayley’s routine: 

For shampoo she switches between St Clements Clarifying Shampoo, our most clarifying shampoo for oily scalps, to help combat oil and remove buildup from products and Pinkalicious Uplifting Shampoo for balanced hair. Hayley doesn’t have curly hair, but swears by using our conditioner for curly hair, Curliosity Conditioner Bar. She says, “even though my hair is very thin and flat, I find it nourishes my hair the best and gives the most slip.” 

Elizabeth our Senior Manager, Trade Marketing 

Hair concerns: Frizzy curls 

Hair goals: Hydrated, bouncy, frizz free curls 


Elizabeth’s routine: 

To keep her 3A curls defined and bouncy, Elizabeth uses our curly duo formulated specially in line with curl care principles. She shampoos with Professor Curl Curl-defining Shampoo, which gently cleanses without drying curls out and conditions with Curliosity Conditioner Bar for soft, defined curls. Occasionally, when she needs a deeper clean she will mix in Pinkalicious Uplifting Shampoo.

Clare our VP of Marketing 

Hair concerns: Frizzy and colour treated 

Hair goals: Smooth 

Clare’s routine: 

Clare’s routine is simple and straight to the point. She shampoos with Frizz Wrangler Smoothing Shampoo which deeply moisturises hair leaving it silky smooth and shiny. After cleansing, she conditions with The Guardian Nourishing Conditioner to protect against dryness and frizz.

Dani our Management Accountant 

Hair concerns: Oily, dull, fine and flat 

Hair goals: Shiny, smooth and less oily 


Dani’s routine: 

To thoroughly remove dirt, oil and product build up on her scalp and hair, Dani double washes with St Clements Clarifying Shampoo. She then nourishes her hair with Curliosity Conditioner Bar. “I have straight, fine and oily hair and didn’t think to try Curliosity until my co-workers recommended it. I was finding all other conditioners too heavy. When I tried Curliosity, my hair felt lighter, smoother and didn’t get oily as quickly. I never looked back!”

Becky our Assistant Product Manager 

Hair concerns: Oily, fine and flat and colour treated 

Hair goals: Healthy looking 


Becky’s routine: 

Double washes with St Clements Clarifying Shampoo and conditions with The Guardian Nourishing Conditioner as her everyday conditioner for her fine hair and once a week with Curliosity Conditioner Bar. “I have straight, fine, coloured hair, and love to drench my ends with Curlisotiy once a week. It has super nourishing ingredients such as Shea Butter and Cocoa Seed Butter.”

Cherlin our Demand & Supply Planning Manager 

Hair concerns: Dandruff, sensitive scalp, split ends, and flat and fine 

Hair goals: Healthy and volume 


Cherlin’s routine: 

To help soothe her scalp and get a balanced scalp and healthy-looking hair, Cherlin shampoos with Heali Kiwi Calming Shampoo. She then conditions with either Wonderbar Lightweight Conditioner or Too Delicious Intensive Conditioner depending on the level of nourishment her hair is needing. Cherlin also loves that our conditioner bars are multi-purpose. “I love using the conditioners as shaving cream and an amazing lubricant for getting into my wetsuit!” 

Liz our Director of Digital Marketing 

Hair concerns: Frizzy and dry 

Hair goals: Volume and smooth 


Liz’s routine: 

Liz uses two shampoos every time she cleanses. She uses Sweet & Spicy Volumising Shampoo and focuses on her roots. Then she shampoos with Frizz Wrangler Smoothing Shampoo to help with frizz. She then conditions with Wonderbar Lightweight Conditioner and occasionally uses Too Delicious Intensive Conditioner. “I use Too Delicious when my hair needs a little extra love or as a leave-in conditioner.”

Georgia our Customer Service 

Hair concerns: Flat and frizzy 

Hair goals: Healthy 


Georgia’s routine:  

Georgia likes to wash her hair every four days, so she double washes with Heali Kiwi Calming Shampoo because she has balanced hair, but a sometimes sensitive scalp. “By this point my hair will be getting more oily and likely have some build up from products, so I double shampoo to give my hair a deeper cleanse, without using a clarifying shampoo.” Georgia conditions her hair with The Guardian Nourishing Conditioner

Grace our Social Media Manager 

Hair concerns: Oily, flat and sensitive skin 

Hair goals: Volume and less oily 

Grace’s routine: 

Grace also double washes to get a deeper clean with St Clements Clarifying Shampoo and then with Sweet & Spicy Volumising Shampoo. After cleansing she then finishes with The Guardian Nourishing Conditioner leaving her hair soft, luscious and healthy. 

Kate our General Manager of Customer Service 

Hair concerns: Oily and flat roots with dry ends 

Hair goals: Less oil and more volume 


Kate’s routine: 

Kate’s combination hair calls for a combination routine that focuses on the needs of her roots and ends separately. On “BAU”, business as usual, days she cleanses once with St Clements Clarifying Shampoo followed by Sweet & Spicy Volumising Shampoo. On super oily days she cleanses twice with St Clements and once with Sweet & Spicy. This helps her to clarify and reduce the amount of oil on her scalp. Kate always wraps up with Too Delicious Intensive Conditioner to deeply condition and replenish her super dry ends.

We hope this guide of our haircare routines will help you to identify what products are right for you or show you some products you may never have thought of trying! Still unsure of what products are right for you? Check out our hair quiz to get your personalized routine.